Udall up 4 in DenPost poll that looks much like all recent polls

The Denver Post is out with its first poll of the Udall-Gardner Senate race and, in no real surprise, Mark Udall is leading Cory Gardner by four points, 46-42. That’s right at the poll’s margin of error — the poll was conducted by SurveyUSA — and also right in line with other recent polling. Real Clear Politics’ polling average has Udall leading by three points.

The real surprise in the poll is that it has Udall’s lead among Latinos at only two points. Barack Obama won the Latino vote in 2012 by a startling 52 points. The two-point margin could reflect some unease in the Latino community over Obama’s decision to delay action on immigration. Or it could just be wrong. In any case, Udall leads women voters by 13 points and Gardner leads men by five.

There are some interesting numbers on how the state is divided — and where the next round of secessionists might hail from. Udall leads metro Denver by 19 points. Gardner leads Colorado Springs by 11 points and the rest of Colorado by 16.

Presumably, the Post also polled the Hickenlooper-Beauprez race. We’ll let you know when they release those numbers.