Wiretap: The legacy of war

Photo by Wally Gobetz via Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/wallyg/8998238006/in/photolist-eH9jEA-6qJ4Kk-dDVe5J-KzBBn-7DGEaU-bn4d1W-aZt9ox-7DdNVW-7ECBjL-4DdvV6-fmZrwZ-645GT7-4Hs2bt-8RBxKi-aZt974-emdSPd-4DhMHE-anfBKE-dS4ioQ-5px4VJ-AaeEz-6qNfrC-bBwYhF-6smnpL-bBwYda-boC4RY-4DhSou-bW1fnH-LcSbQ-ebS8jw-ebYBE7-6qjjxt-8JahPb-8JagZd-8J7aPX-8JahpW-8JaigA-8Jai1J-8JahBC-7CpqZg-8VgAfg-4DhMmy-7JLC4c-4DdyDT-7EdMWT-bn4cdJ-bn4m6E-8Jpbxz-5NVgTY-bzY56B

The president whose goal was to remove America from a “permanent war footing” is putting down his own footprint. Now he is the president who is explaining why America is going to war in Iraq. David Nakumara writes in the Washington Post that it is a “legacy issue” for Barack Obama.

George Packer writes in the New Yorker that Obama must learn the lesson of Vietnam, but not the usual lesson. This one is the lesson of the fall of Saigon.

As Frank Rich points out in New York magazine, Americans want to destroy ISIS, but they don’t really want to go back to war.

Three types of fighters who join ISIS. Via the New Republic.

John McCain, apparently not satisfied with Obama’s intention to take the war to ISIS, battles Jay Carney instead on Carney’s first day on the job at CNN. Via the National Journal.

What Cuomo’s New York embarrassment means. Hint: It could mean something for Hillary Clinton. Via the New Yorker

More protests — and more arrests – in Ferguson. The protesters were demanding a new prosecutor in the shooting death of Michael Brown. Via the New York Times.

AP source says the NFL got the Ray Rice video months ago. Via Vox.

[Photo by Wally Gobetz via Flickr/Creative Commons.]

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