Wiretap: Hundreds of militias, which to support?

Image of Kurdish fighter in Syria via Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/syriafreedom/8311233196/in/photolist-dErf55-81CpWa-9tE3NL-ck6bhw-bkWcbQ-8ixYNf-fijMCi-bNEuj6-4szR36-ck9anS-fijDp4-4kMte-fDvAzz-jNybpN-j7UNEe-9VHF99-fDvzRZ-cBJJfQ-9npew1-eCVmw-cotgt9-eP4Por-5W8g5X-aCJmHc-9kbJFB-9BhASk-81ayN3-F3i16-81Foxs-5R3F7y-ck7Ldo-bnUUs1-cjzrZE-ck6kkN-fTwDBX-fCSDCc-bC2zWR-8ixAUy-4kMto-9N3Ro1-ceZhVh-81G4ZC-9JTqip-AGEy-83prBK-dv844X-dvHHMc-byuRxN-g4rkMn-5aZB5Y

Who are the Syrian rebels that Americans would recruit to fight against ISIS? The New York Times writes that it’s a difficult question to answer. There are hundreds of militias, it says, fighting against President Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian civil war — and also fighting with each other. And even the most secular of the groups fight alongside Islamists and the Nusra Front, which is the al-Qeada affiliate in Syria.

Yale law professor Bruce Ackerman says that Barack Obama’s unilateral war-making is a betrayal of the Constitution.

David Ignatius on why being a reluctant warrior is an advantage for Obama in Iraq. Via the Washington Post.

Peggy Noonan on why Americans want to take out ISIS. Via the Wall Street Journal.

The absurd argument now moving through the courts on Obamacare – that its drafters didn’t want it to work. Via the New York Times.

In the you-won’t-believe-it category: California passes a law to protect Yelpers who post bad restaurant reviews. Via National Journal.

He’s smug and he’s opinionated and he just might get his own personal congressman elected. He’s Bill Maher. Via the Washington Post.

For Colorado Springs District Attorney Dan Mays, it just doesn’t feel right to investigate a fellow elected Republican, so the FBI and CBI are taking the reigns on the Sheriff Terry Maketa probe. Via the Gazette.

The 19-year-old Muslim convert from Arvada who was arrested before boarding a plane to Syria pleaded guilty to conspiring with terrorist groups including al-Qaeda and ISIS on Wednesday. Her public defender said she’s “fully aware that the fact that she was arrested may very well have saved her.” Prosecutors have agreed to not file further charges and pursue a lighter sentence if she testifies about co-conspirators. Via the Denver Post.

[Image of Kurdish fighter in Syria via Flickr/Creative Commons.]

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