Chasing Light: World Heritage

Český Krumlov
We usually think of whitewater boating as a wilderness pursuit, but in the Czech World Heritage town of Český Krumlov, the action is right downtown.

In my travels, I’ve always been interested to see how tourist destinations around the world work to preserve their cultural, historic and natural resources. Here in Český Krumlov, in the Czech Republic, the landmark castle, dating back to the 13th century, is the focal point, looming over the Vlatava River and dwarfing the boaters floating by on their inflatable rafts. The entire town has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its well-preserved historic architecture. Even thronged with tourists on a busy summer day, the town shines as with example of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles, and the tender, loving care that went into restoring centuries-old buildings is evident. UNESCO’s world heritage program helps communities preserve resources recognized for their value to all of humanity, something you can feel when you stroll the crooked streets of  this medieval town whose architectural heritage has remained intact thanks to its peaceful evolution over more than five centuries. Colorado has just one designated World Heritage site — do you know what it is?