We like Mike! Help us save Colorado’s best political cartooning

Today, The Colorado Independent is delighted to announce a drive to bring Pulitzer-winning political cartoonist Mike Keefe’s tremendous work back to where it belongs — in Colorado — on a regular basis.

Mike’s graphic commentary on local, statewide and national news made readers of The Denver Post think, and laugh, for more than 30 years until he left the paper shortly after winning the Pulitzer in 2011. The Independent is a not-for-profit newsroom. We’ve been doing our best to publish as much of Mike’s work as possible, including a poignant cartoon earlier this month about the governor’s race.

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Now, just in time for the election, our readers can help us publish a year of Mike’s cartoons at least once weekly in a state that has gone woefully “Keefe-less” for too long. The online crowd-funding drive will help restore a long and important tradition of political cartooning in Colorado. Here’s how to contribute: here. If you’ve missed Mike like we’ve missed Mike, please help. And please ask your friends to join you in supporting one of Colorado’s brightest talents.

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