Beauprez leads Hickenlooper by 10 points in new poll

Republican challenger Bob Beauprez has a 10-point lead over Gov. John Hickenlooper, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.

It’s the first poll to show a double-digit lead, with 50 percent of respondents choosing or leaning toward Beauprez over Hickenlooper, who had 40 percent.

The Denver Post reported the poll this morning, noting that the results are in sharp contrast to a Post poll conducted two days earlier that had Beauprez at 43 percent and Hickenlooper at 45, a statistical tie.

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  1. I have to question the sanity of ANYONE who would vote republican, at this point. Look at just what GREAT jobs they are doing in other states and ask if that is the kind of “leadership” you want here.

    Look at Kansas. Sam Brownback has done a fabulous job DESTROYING the state’s ability to even pay it’s bills. Sure, he’s dropped taxes. And he’s RUINED their economy. Jobs are leaving the state, not showing up in droves, and the state has a deficit that it may never pay off.

    Florida is another great example. Rick Scott is doing SUCH a great job there. But then, what do you expect from the guy who ran the company that jacked up the highest medicare FRAUD fine in history?

    Wisconsin? Yeah, Snotty Scotty Walker is turning that place into a real right wing paradise, dropping their job creation to 45th in the country. Not to mention being investigated for election fraud going back to before he was even governor.

    And now the right wants their shot at us, too. What BRILLIANT plans does Both Ways Bob have in mind for us? Besides taking revenge as public policy, I don’t see much that would help us at all. And republicans are SO for those of us who WORK for a living, aren’t they? That’s why their policies always take it out of OUR hides and leave themselves high and dry every time.

    ANYONE who votes for a republican is voting to screw yourselves and your children. It’s historically proven, don’t argue with me about how you FEEL about it. Republicans want YOUR money, that’s why you have NONE. They have been calling the shots for HOW long, now, and people actually WANT MORE of the abuse? WHY? It feels SO much better when it STOPS.

    Unless you’re already in the 1%, you’re a FOOL to vote for a republican. PERIOD.

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