Bob Berwyn talks with KGNU about his crowd-funded climate-change reporting

Colorado Independent environmental reporter Bob Berwyn joined KGNU’s Jamie Sudler today to talk about Berwyn’s latest project “Rocky Mountain Climate Watch.”

If you’ve been reading his work here, you know that the series has already taken Berwyn spelunking through glaciers and talking to locals and experts about how they see the region evolving. Climate change has drawn increased attention this week in the wake of a startling United Nations report on climate change and ahead of an awareness-raising march planned this weekend in New York City and forecast to draw as many as 100,000 participants. The UN Climate Summit is scheduled for the week following the march.

Berwyn’s also ventured into cutting-edge digital journalism practice, crowd-funding the Climate Rangers project with the writer-specific organization Beacon Reader.

“I think of it not only as a crowd-funding website but also a journalism incubator. It really is a group of folks that help independent journalists raise money for specific types of projects,” said Berwyn.

You can read Berwyn’s Rocky Mountain Climate Rangers series on The Colorado IndependentYou can also listen to his full KGNU radio interview here.

This isn’t the last innovative project we’re working to fund in partnership with Beacon Reader. Join us this Saturday to kick off a campaign to bring Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Mike Keefe’s work to the public for free all year long.

[Photo of Loveland Pass from Berwyn’s “Chasing Light” photo series. ]