“Pander” an app-based attack ad for #Millennials

The Koch bros-funded young people’s group Generation Opportunity is out with a new anti-Senator Mark Udall attack ad this week called “Pander.”

Riffing off the touch navigation of a smart phone application, the ad situates us at a bright yellow table with a young woman drinking coffee while she swipes through a fictional “Pander” app on her phone. She says things like “been there before” and “ug” when faced with the political profiles of folks like President Barack Obama and disgraced former N.Y. Rep. Anthony Weiner. One by one she swipes them away until we get to the guy the ad’s about.

“Mark Udall’s votes for higher taxes and invasive Obamacare were lefty swipes at America’s youth,” she says.

Generation Opportunity has been hitting Udall hard on the Internet sales tax, which would require online retailers to charge state sales tax based on the location of the purchaser. That’s how this ad concludes, urging millennials to tweet at Udall asking him not to vote for it. The move is strategically intended, perhaps, to divert attention away from Udall’s strong record on Internet public policy, particularly privacy.

[youtube id=”g7Vd9AYvWbA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

[Still from “Pander”]