Udall campaign marks sixth month since Gardner’s stand on personhood went slippery

U.S. Sen. Mark Udall’s re-election campaign is celebrating the six-month mark of Republican challenger Congressman Cory Gardner’s wobbly stance on the anti-abortion personhood movement.

A so-called personhood amendment would outlaw abortion, and some forms of birth control, by legally defining life at conception. It’s a deeply unpopular proposal in Colorado, having been defeated in landslides at the polls in recent elections. Despite telling Denver Post political reporter Lynn Bartels that he no longer supports personhood because of concerns about how it would impact women’s access to contraception, Gardner is still co-sponsoring a federal personhood bill.

The Udall campaign has made this logical pretzel a cornerstone of their campaign.

In this week’s web ad, “Still,” Team Udall splices together TV coverage of Gardner’s running personhood debacle as well as pieces criticizing the economics of Gardner’s over-the-counter birth control proposal.

“Colorado women are paying attention,” concludes the female narrator of the spot. “Gardner still believes in personhood, still co-sponsors personhood legislation, and is still wrong for Colorado.”

This in-house Internet ad is joined by another from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which says almost exactly the same thing. The DSCC ad will run on Colorado televisions.

“Cory Gardner: You just can’t trust this guy,” the piece asserts, encouraging viewers to check out Gardner’s reproductive record on their own and pointing them towards a site made especially for that purpose — gardnerrecord.com.

According to Roll Call, the DSCC has already spent at least $2 million supporting Udall.

[Image from “Still”]