Wiretap: 400K of the fed up rally in NYC to break climate change political paralysis

They took climate change to the streets of Manhattan Sunday, and an estimated 300,000 to 400,000 marchers showed up. The signs said, “There is No Planet B.” And the People’s Climate March, as it was billed, was a spectacle, the New York Times wrote, that was big even by New York standards. Amy Davidson asks in the New Yorker whether the people it was meant to persuade – those in New York for the big United Nations summit on climate change, will be impressed.

And the Rockefeller family’s foundation — built on oil money – is announcing today that it is divesting its $860 million philanthropic fund from fossil fuels. Via the New York Times.

In advance of the summit, the Economist takes a hard look at what actually works.

At Vox, Ezra Klein is pessimistic about the climate summit. He offers up seven reasons why Americans will fail at climate change. But colleague Brad Plumer says it’s not “game over.”

What’s the matter with Kansas? Thomas Frank has yet another answer: It has turned into Brownbackistan. Via Salon.

Police departments across Colorado are taking advantage of a federal program that outfits law enforcement agencies with surplus military gear for free. Some of the boon is exactly what freaked people out in Ferguson — semi automatic rifles, humvees and tear gas launchers — but police spokespeople say the gear is good for dealing with blizzards, bears and flooding. Via the Gazette.

Local pastor says Denver’s conceding liability in the Marvin Booker case is an attempt to keep evidence of pervasive excessive force under wraps. Via the Denver Post.

Boulder County DA’s office says it will look into the sudden cancellation of the Boulder Marathon on Friday. Race organizer Jeff Mason cited flood damages and will apply runners’ registration fees to next year’s race instead of offering refunds. Over the weekend, local law enforcement found that Mason failed to secure several key permits for the marathon. Meanwhile, runners just want to run. Via the Denver Post.

ESPN’s Outside the Lines does a deep dive on the Ray Rice scandal, the misdirection by the Baltimore Ravens and the utter failure to investigate the incident by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

[ Photo via Climate Action Network. ]


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