GenOpp out with a LOL-er anti-Udall ad


But seriously “Tech Support” is the funniest ad I’ve seen this election cycle from the Koch-funded millennials group Generation Opportunity.

Granted the laugh-bar was set a bit low. There was the thoroughly creepy, borderline rape-y, Uncle Sam giving you a pap smear ad. That knee-slapper encouraged women to opt out of Affordable Car Act-approved health insurance plans because apparently receiving all your preventative reproductive health services without a co-pay really is just like taking a speculum from ‘the man.’

That was then. “Tech Support” keeps it PG while (a) reminding young voters that Udall is supporting a bill that would require online retailers to charge state sales tax (the Internet sales tax), and (b) painting Udall as too old to really understand young voter issues and priorities.

The ad features a black, millennial-aged guy working at the “Congressional I.T. Department.” One after another, aged lawmakers come to his desk with hilariously off-beat questions such as, “is Google open on weekends,” and “what channel is the YouTube on?”

“Congress doesn’t understand the Internet, but Senator Mark Udall decided to tax it anyway,” concludes a young-sounding female narrator, encouraging viewers to call Udall and ask him to vote against the Internet sales tax.

[youtube id=”-NkCYm-j26w” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Well sure, I’ll indulge a little ageist chuckle along with the rest of the computer babies, and GenOpp’s right, millennials should engage on issues that matter to them – both while elected officials are in office and while they’re on the campaign trail. But, it’s worth pointing out (again) that Udall does seem to understand the Internet.

Here’s Udall circa 2011 on net neutrality. Here he is two years later on NSA spying. Here he is this year calling out the CIA for wiretapping the computers members of Congress were using to investigate the CIA’s use of torture. And here he is campaigning on it.

But that “How do I get friended on MyFace?” line, it gets me every time!