Wiretap: Moving over, Eric Holder

Eric Holder has announced his resignation, but he’ll be here for a while still. He won’t go until there’s a replacement, and a replacement, particularly if Republicans take the Senate, won’t come easy. Meanwhile, the consensus opinion on Holder’s tenure is that the consensus is all over the place. Jamelle Bouie writes in Slate that he was best attorney general the times would allow. Nick Gillespie writes in Time that he was like all the other attorneys general — too loyal to the president and not loyal enough to the Constitution. David Graham writes in the Atlantic that one thing is sure — Obama will miss him.

What it’s like living in a country that is being ravaged by Ebola. “Nothing is working.” Via Vox.

Frank Rich says Obama now has his own quagmire. Via New York magazine.

Timothy Egan writes that Obama can still earn his Nobel prize. His UN speech was a start — giving the Muslim world a blueprint for saving itself. Via the New York Times.

What matters most to Latino voters? It’s not just immigration reform. The Latino agenda is the American agenda. Via the New Republic.

Derek Jeter gets to write his own Bronx tale. The perfect ending for the player who, for two decades, was the perfect Yankee. Via ESPN.