Chasing Light: Early snows

Colorado first snow
Vibrant aspen and evergreen stands growing in the rich soil at the foot of Buffalo Mountain.

A few days ago in Chasing Light we explored some autumn leaves up close, with the tiniest veins in vivid relief. Today, we step back to look at the big picture, also enjoying the startling juxtaposition of golden leaves and snow-capped peaks. It has to be one of the prettiest sights in all get-out. And to me, pictures taken with fresh snow on Oct. 1 are also Happy New Year photos. Since the Colorado water year starts anew on this date. That peculiar custom is designed to make it easier to measure and characterize the cycles of accumulating snows, snowmelt, runoff and whatever rain might fall in the summer. Standing back and looking at the tapestry of forests from afar also shows a deeply woven forest fabric that we disturb at the risk — always — of unknown consequences. We’re connected to those forests around us, too, and it will be a good thing when we stumble closer to living with the natural world in sustainable harmony.

The aspen and canyon pictures were taken with my old Canon EOS and an old Tamron zoom that can still capture a crisp image in the right light. The dramatic dawn picture is a crop of a frame captured with an older Nikon D80. Click on the image to view it full size and look closely in the bottom-right corner — you’ll see a tiny bit of the Dillon Dam Road and even some I-70 signs.