Statetap: Looking at the Colorado Springs police force looking at itself

The Colorado Springs police department wants to employ a force that roughly matches the racial demographic of the community it serves but, so far, minority applicants are not exactly lining up at the door. Guess which demographic is over-represented in the police force compared to the city’s population at-large? If you guessed white men, you’re right! Via the Gazette.

statetap New Belgium Brewery — the conservationist, clean energy, pro-volunteerism, pro-after-work-beer and yoga Ft Collins enterprise — again landed near the top of Outside Magazine’s list of best places to work in the country. According to the Coloradoan: “It is one of 25 Colorado companies in the ranking, with the highest concentration being in Boulder. Colorado has the highest number of best workplaces, followed by California, according to the magazine.”

Scammers are praying on customers of La Plata Electric Association for the third time in ten months. It works like this: A caller posing as a LEAP representative tells a customer she has to pay a bill or her power will be cut off. “This is not how we operate,” said real-life LEAP spokeswoman Indiana Reed. Via the Durango Herald.

The nation’s fiery “strict constructionist” often offensive Supreme Court justice spoke at Colorado Christian College and then at CU Boulder on Wednesday. In the belly of the latte-sipping, hybrid-driving beast, Antonin Scalia made no apologies and no obscene Sicilian hand gestures. Mostly, he made the audience laugh. Via the Daily Camera

Compiled with John Tomasic.