News Poem: ‘A dog named Excalibur’

Derived from the October 10, 2014, edition of the Denver Post

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n on-line petition to save a dog named Excalibur belonging to a Spanish nurse’s aide who contracted Ebola has received 370,000 signatures.

An on-line petition to fast-track research into Ebola drugs has received 152,534 signatures.

Hunger, love, the longing for health
A little white dog stares from the couch.


A Pueblo police officer accidentally shot himself in the leg during a foot chase Wednesday afternoon.

An escaped inmate has been stealing cars and credit cards from open doors in the suburbs of Highlands Ranch.


Pot Sales in August:
Recreational cannabis – $33 million.
Medical marijuana – $32.2 million.
Since January tax revenues to the state of Colorado from sales taxes, licenses and fees: $$45.2 million.


New satellite data over the Four Corners area of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona show methane hot spots, likely from natural gas extraction from beneath coal beds, and not from fracking. [Eric Kort, University of Michigan]


Police Detective of the Year 2011 was accused in 2014 of tipping off an on-line sexual predator of an incoming string operation. Jack Gardner, age 56, claims he wasn’t protecting the predator but playing a gag on his colleagues for not including him on the bust.


Microsoft CEP Satya Nadella says women don’t need to ask for a raise but should trust the system. Not asking for a raise is good karma, he added.


Former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani will defend video game giant the “Call of Duty” franchise from a lawsuit levelled by former Panamian President Manuel Noriega. General Noriega claims that Activision Blizzard, Inc. did not ask permission to use his likeness in the 2012 edition of “Call of Duty: Black Ops II.”


Twelve Dairy Queens in Colorado lost customer data in a national hack between August and October.


Who wins the millionaire reward? Who wins the millionaire reward for the capture of Vincente Carrillo Fuentes, hermano del fallecido Amada Carrillo Fuentes, Ciudad Juárez drug kingpin?


In more cruelty to animal news . . .

Two pink flamingos died during a fraternity hazing at the University of Southern Mississippi. Devin Nottis, age 19, took two flamingos instead of taking picture of the birds.

And a Dutch zookeeper was fired for feeding an injured giraffe fawn to the lions.



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