Statetap: JeffCo students mull school board recall drive

JeffCo Students for Change, a coalition of student leaders from high schools across the district, organized a rally in Clement Park on Tuesday that attracted significantly lower attendance than they had hoped — the crowd of around 100 included mostly of adults. But that didn’t stop the students who did show up from making passionate speeches, waving handmade signs and organizing for a potential recall of the school board members behind the controversial curriculum review proposal that set the district alight with protest this month. A full-blown recall campaign is on-hold for now, as the group waits to see how the board’s recent compromise plays out. Via the Denver Post.

statetap On Tuesday, Denver-based burrito chain Chipotle endorsed Proposition 105 – the Colorado ballot measure that would require food manufacturers, retailers and suppliers to label genetically modified foods (GMOs). Restaurants like Chipotle are exempt from the proposed requirement, but Chipotle said it already labels GMOs. CEO Steve Ells says it’s a simple matter of consumer rights and that opponents of the measure are too fixated on profits. (The company has long tied its brand to Whole Foods-style enlightened consumerism, catering to customers who want to feel that eating a $10 burrito is an act of social justice. See if you can pick up the messaging.) Via the Gazette.

With every seat in the House and more than half in the Senate up for election, Democrats could very well lose their bicameral majority. That would spell trouble for some of their prized new laws their Republican colleagues are itching to dismantle — like gun-control, same-day voter registration and in-state tuition for undocumented students. The governor’s race is close, too. All these contingencies — and more — explained by Longmont Times-Call’s John Fryar in his run-down of what’s at stake on the state level this November.

Colorado breweries made up 39 of the 268 winners at this year’s Great American Beer Festival held in Boulder, Colo., confirming what we all already knew: this is the best state in the union for handcrafted malt beverages. Cheers to that.