ProgressNow parodies Hickenlooper-hitting Citizens United trailer

Legalized marijuana, background checks for gun purchases, renewable energy development, health care reform, local-control bans on fracking: Citizens United says one man alone is responsible for all such travesties!

“If you think you know Colorado, you don’t know Hick,” announces the newly released trailer for the Citizens United election-cycle film “Rocky Mountain Heist,” which targets state Democrats, particularly Governor John Hickenlooper for abuse.

Though pitched as the trailer to a feature-length documentary on the wider issue of how a once-reliable red state turned purple and nearly to blue, an average viewer might understandably see the trailer as an attack ad on Hickenlooper, who is currently engaged in a tight re-election bid against Republican Bob Beauprez.

Thanks to a ruling from the federal court of appeals this week, Citizens United will have to disclose who funds ads for the movie, thought not who paid for the making of the film itself.

Lefty political nonprofit ProgressNow Colorado has taken the campaign-finance war into its own wheelhouse, producing a spoof trailer for “Rocky Mountain Heist,” which urges Coloradans to not “be fooled” and to make their voice heard at the ballot box.

[Still from ProgressNow parody trailer “Citizens United Comes to Colorado”]