Statetap: Evangelicals for Ebola; Snoop Dogg for Dunafon

Focus on the Family – the evangelical parachurch in Colorado Springs – issued a statement Wednesday denouncing controversial comments made by Christian talk radio host Rick Wiles earlier this week on his program “Trunews.”

In reference to the deadly Ebola outbreak that has killed thousands in West Africa, Wiles said the virus “could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion.” Hear the full audio below.

Wiles’s comments are not representative of Christian values, insisted Ron Reno, vice president of orthodoxy at Focus. “Our first response as Christians to tragedies such as Ebola ought to be one of concern and compassion,” he said in a release. “[P]ublicly speculating on God’s motives in allowing specific outbreaks of disease is both unwise and unhelpful.” Via the Gazette.

statetap The healthcare worker diagnosed with Ebola on Tuesday arrived in Dallas by way of a Frontier Airlines flight from Cleveland. Frontier, which once proudly proclaimed itself to be Denver’s hometown airline, said the plane was cleaned after landing per standard procedure, then taken out of commission and decontaminated upon the news of the diagnosis. The plane then made its way to Denver, back to Cleveland, and took trips to both Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta. Via ABC 7NEWS in Denver.

In Pueblo, people expressed outrage over city council’s proposed ordinance to ban marijuana grows on private property at a packed Zoning and Planning Commission meeting on Wednesday, prompting the commission to delay its recommendation to the council until mid-November. Both those in support and those opposed to the ordinance cited health as a central concern – with the former wary of the risks posed by mold and the latter insisting medicinal grows are vitally important to themselves and their loved ones. Throughout the meeting, it was clear that many citizens were not aware that a comparable ban on medicinal grows is already in place and that they cannot not recall the volunteer city planners. Via the Pueblo Chieftain.

Rapper and legendary stoner Snoop Dogg may turn up to stump for unaffiliated gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunafon later this month, according to the campaign. Snoop would host a multi-day music and comedy festival planned for Halloween weekend. In such a squeaker of a race, some Democrats worry that Dunafon will siphon key votes from Hickenlooper, who recently said voters made a mistake when they legalized recreational pot two years ago. Via the Durango Herald.

Oh and here’s Dunafon’s official campaign song with MC/producer Wyclef Jean.

Snoop dropped in a verse in a remix of the song, featuring an endorsement to the tune of “Wake up in the morning feeling as good as I can/Heading to the voting booth so I can vote for my man.”


Thanks mayor ! I mean governor

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Voters for whom this is a deciding issue – and who take political advice from rap stars – have a candidizzle in Dunafizzle fa shizzle.


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