DemocracyNow! on Colorado’s top two election races, featuring Mike Littwin

Colorado Independent columnist, longtime state political observer and wry wit Mike Littwin talks with DemocracyNow! host Amy Goodman on the state’s U.S. Senate and gubernatorial races.

The races are tight, he notes; the money pouring in from all sides is horrific, as are the ads the money pays for and that litter the airwaves; and Republican candidates are running away from their Tea Party brand even while showing no signs at all of letting go Tea Party policy positions. In sum, Colorado politics is U.S. politics in miniature, and not at all pleasant.

Yet! Littwin and Goodman manage to make the state of affairs interesting and entertaining.

Note: The interview will also broadcast on KGNU, Friday at 3:30.


  1. If this gets through the Censor, please accept my best wishes, Mike. You really ought to go over to the Daily Kos, and read the squib about The Denver Post being, “Communist”. That’s one for the books, if ever there was one. (Unless . . . maybe . . . Cory Gardner is some kind of KGB maven in “deep disguise”, perhaps?) That garbage wrapper endorses both Mike Coffman and Cory Gardner; and it is still called “Communist”. WOW! Ain’t politics grand!

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