Statetap: Plugging a mine; plugging for Udall

The Colorado Division of Reclamation and Safety plugged an abandoned mine that spews toxic heavy metals into the Peru Creek — a tributary of Snake River which ends up in Dillon Reservoir — in Summit County last week. The creek is devoid of life, and last year it turned a funky reddish-orange nearly ten times. Project manager Jeff Graves is confident that the new plugs — along with additional drainage ditches and neutralizing additives — will ensure the worst days of pollution are in the past. Via the Gazette.

statetap In Pueblo, the effects of last year’s recall still reverberate. Via the Pueblo Chieftain.

A sports thing happened this Sunday: Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning threw enough touchdown passes to break Brett Favre’s record, plus one. And there was much rejoicing. Via the Denver Post.

Denver jail has been growing organic, pesticide-free veggies using aquaponics to feed inmates, cut costs and impart useful skills for re-entry into the community. Via the Denver Post.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren used her caleb status to make a forceful plug for reelecting Mark Udall at a CU Boulder rally last Friday. If Udall loses and the Senate flips, Warren said Republicans could very well take aim at her prized Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — an agency students should care about protecting because it works on an issue close to their hearts (and wallets): student loan debt. Via the Daily Camera.