Statetap: Colorado’s edible complex

In a city known for once shutting off its streetlights because it was so short on revenue, citizens in Colorado Springs held a rally demanding the city council apply more funding to public transit. The city’s transit budget was hit hard by recessionary cuts, then slightly recovered over the last few years. Mayor Steve Bach’s proposed budget for 2015 would increase the transit budget by over $400,000 to $4.3 million, but demonstrators — some of whom donned a handmade cardboard bus outfit — feel that’s not enough to address the limited service and long wait times of the city’s public bus system. Via the Gazette.

statetap Instructions on ballots mailed to Boulder County voters list the price of postage to return the thing is one cent lower than what it actually is as of January of this year. The office of Boulder County Clerk and Recorder Hillary Hall and the regional postmaster both say fear not — all ballots will be delivered regardless of that one cent. So there’s that bureaucratic waste everybody’s been talking about. Via Longmont Times-Call.

On Monday, a proposal by the state health department to ban almost all forms of edible marijuana products sent legislators, regulators and all other interested parties into a tailspin. They want to prevent people — especially kids who indiscriminately shovel candy into their mouths — from inadvertently ingesting infused items. At a long and heated public policy hearing, the all-out ban proposal was met with outcry bordering on panic, before it was swiftly retracted. There were plenty of alternative suggestions like using more conspicuous and explicit labels or requiring manufacturers design edibles with distinctly recognizable colors or shapes. Via the Denver Post.

As Halloween approaches, that seasonal paranoia about the dangers of trick-or-treating is beginning to crest. And this year in Colorado, much of the parental anxiety surrounds those THC infused treats that are the subject of so much debate. Last week, the Denver Police Department released a primer for concerned moms and dads who want to make sure none of it ends up in their kids’ bounty. The video — entirely earnest in its intent — is well on its way to becoming a Reefer Madness-style hit for stoners to laugh at on YouTube. Via Westword.


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