Statetap: Colorado’s GMO ballot-box war heating up

About a month after an Arvada teenager pleaded guilty to conspiring with Syrian terrorists, the FBI said Tuesday that agents stopped three Denver girls in Germany who were en route to joining the Islamic State. The girls have been reunited with their families and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Denver has yet to indicate whether they’ll face charges and that’s about all the available information today. Via the Gazette.

statetap Tired of the constant bombardment of political ads? Well, it’s not stopping any time soon. Although most of them target candidates running in high-profile races, you can also expect a persistent campaign opposing the ballot measure that would require the labeling of GMO foods. The “No on Proposition 105 Coalition” has raised around $11 million so far — $7.4 million of which came from Monsanto, Kraft and PepsiCo — and has plenty left in its war chest to spend in the final stretch. It’s pro-labeling counterpart, the “Right To Know” campaign, has raised not even half a million dollars and spent none of it on radio or TV slots, focusing instead on canvassing and social media. Even more than usual, voters’ understanding of this issue is going to be highly dependent on where the information is coming from. Via the Durango Herald.

Defense attorneys in the Aurora movie theater shooting case filed a motion Tuesday that could delay the trial yet again. The trial date is set for December, but the defense is arguing their mental health expert witnesses won’t have enough time to review the sanity evaluation of defendant James Holmes filed by a court-appointed psychiatrist last week. Prosecutors will file their response on Wednesday. Via the Denver Post.

[ Photo: Kristina Alexanderson. ]