Wiretap: Midterm-election nation, a Republican-heavy America

The most obvious story of the midterm elections is the makeup of the electorate. Those most likely to vote Republican are those most likely to vote in the midterms. Those most likely to vote Democratic are more likely to vote in presidential elections. In presidential elections from 1992 to 2008, voters under 30 made up 18 percent of the electorate. In the midterm elections that followed, voters under 30 made up 12 percent of the vote. That’s obviously a big problem for Democrats in 2014. But it might be even a bigger problem for Republicans in 2016. Via the Atlantic.

Remnick on Ben Bradlee: “The least dull figure in the history of postwar journalism.” Via the New Yorker.

What it was like to meet Ben Bradlee. Via Vox.

Ebola outbreak has cut deeply into the small gains made recently in war-torn West Africa. Via the New York Times.

Maybe it will be a wave election after all. According to the National Journal, it’s looking like Republicans will pick up anywhere from six to nine seats, with nine more likely than six.

What happens if Republicans win the Senate? Katrina vanden Heuvel sums it up in one word: Catastrophe. Via the Washington Post.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich supports the part of Obamacare that expands Medicare. Liberals should be praising him for it, not knocking him for trying to assure fellow Republicans that he’s not really all in. Via the New Republic.


  1. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why anyone who isn’t a 1%er would vote for a republican. ANY republican. R’s do NOT do things that are good for the average person in this country, they do things that are good for the 1% and themselves.

    Since Reagan, we have been on a fool’s course. Giving more money to the fewest of us who are KNOWN for NOT using it for anyone else’s benefit and keeping the VAST majority from advancing is NOT smart. WHY are we STILL doing it? It’s PROVEN not to work, it’s time to SCRAP that nonsense and do something that WORKS. Like giving the money to the MAJORITY of us, so we can actually have an ECONOMY.

    Anyone who has played monopoly knows that when the money all trickles up, the game is over. Money does NOT trickle DOWN. EVER. It gushes UP in this system, and our “economists” are confused as to why things aren’t improving. They CAN’T, there is too much money in too few hands. PERIOD.

    This is what republicans WANT, and what they work towards. This is something YOU want? Then vote republican. Low taxes aren’t worth a thing if they cost you the rest of the game.

    Republicans are greedy, and those who vote for them are fools.

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