Wiretap: Bowling with Ebola

A doctor writes in the New Republic that it’s no surprise that Craig Spencer, the 33-year-old physician who heroically treated Ebola patients in Guinea, rode the New York subways and bowled ten frames with his friends before being diagnosed with Ebola. Doctors, writes Howard Markel, really do make the worst patients.

Sometimes the markets aren’t the answer. The New York Times reports that without a lucrative market, a potential Ebola vaccine was shelved for 12 years.

Our obsession with the Ottawa shooter’s religion might say more about us than it does about him. Via Vox.

The National Journal‘s Scott Bland calls Cory Gardner the best Republican Senate candidate in the country. Is that enough — or will the new Colorado voting laws save Mark Udall?

The Great Kansas Tea Party Disaster, or how actually putting Tea Party strategies into action might just cost Republicans the reddest of red states. Via Rolling Stone.

Timothy Egan: Whatever happened to free and fair elections? Just ask Anthony Kennedy and the Supreme Court. Via the New York Times.

Eugene Robinson asks in the Washington Post whether the war against ISIS isn’t the “dumb war” that Obama warned about.

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