Chasing Light: Hometown views

Tender morning alpenglow on the Tenmile Range.

You may have heard that Keystone delayed its opening day because of unusually warm weather, but that’s not the whole story. Sure, temps have been running 10-20 degrees above average, and we hit some record highs, but we’ve also had a few short cold snaps and overnight snows in Summit County, all in all, pretty typical October weather so far. And you can be sure that the same people who are griping about the lack of snow right now are the same ones who will be complaining when winter lingers into May. After 25 years living in the mountains of the West, I just try to take each day as it comes, and to make the most of it. All the pictures in this set were taken within a couple of miles of our Frisco home during morning dog-walking duties near the shore of Dillon Reservoir.