Wiretap: One-party rule in the two Americas

Tired of gridlock and government dysfunction? Look to the states (including, for now, Colorado) where one-party rule is, yes, the rule. The laboratories of democracy are doing things entirely differently. As we head into Tuesday’s election, there are 36 states — 23 of them Republican — with one party in control of the legislature and the governor’s office. That’s the most in six decades. Via the New York Times.

It isn’t just that the campaign ads are terrifying: What’s really scary is that for many voters, those ads are the campaign. Via the New Yorker.

The likely next governor of Texas – don’t be surprised if he runs for president some day. Isn’t that part of the job description? Via the Washington Post.

Brian Beutler says it won’t be Obama’s fault if Democrats lose the Senate. Via the New Republic.

But will it be Obama’s fault if Clinton loses her run for the presidency? Her biggest challenge, writes James Oliphant in the National Journal, will be overcoming people’s lack of faith in government.

What does the top 1 percent mean? It depends on how old you are. Via The Atlantic.

How Brittany Maynard will use Oregon’s assisted suicide law to die with dignity. Via Vox.