Hick: ‘Dirtiest campaign I’ve ever seen’

Speaking exclusively to the Colorado Independent before an Election Day campaign rally on the Auraria campus in Denver, Gov. John Hickenlooper lamented the state of modern-day politics.

“This was the dirtiest campaign I’ve ever seen in my life,” he said of the battle between him and Republican challenger Bob Beauprez, a former member of Congress. “It seems to be the way of politics today.”

Asked if he felt confident in the outcome of the race, he said: “In the modern political world, how can you feel too confident? I’m modestly optimistic. I do feel we gave it everything we had.”

Hickenlooper, a popular brewpub owner-turned-politician, faced a surprisingly difficult re-election race against a challenger who lost a previous try for the governor’s mansion by double-digit percentage points.

He said that despite the negative ads from his opponent — including one citing the murder of the governor’s corrections chief and close friend Tom Clements and questioning whether Coloradans are safe — he has enjoyed the aspects of campaigning that include meeting everyday Coloradans.

“It’s been one of the best experiences of my life,” Hickenlooper said.

Steve Lipsher is a former long-time staff writer at The Denver Post who covered Colorado politics for four years, including Mark Udall's initial campaign for Congress, Mike Coffman's early legislative career and the 1996 presidential race. He did not ask the "boxers or briefs" question to Bill Clinton.


  1. Hick lost my vote the day he backed oil companies over citizens and democracy. He can blame it all on ‘dirty politics’ if he can’t face the fact that he turned on his base and supported the oil companies instead.

  2. Oh I Love voting for Dumb or Dumber. The guy who Takes Freedom of 100 round AR15 Mags while Giving back Freedom of MJ, or the nutjob who slimes with the Bankers.
    But I have a plan for next elections robo calls that will put an end to the koch brothers hounding americans to BUY a Puppet a vote.

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