Long lines for lunch-break student voters

Minutes after a Democratic GOTV rally on Denver’s Auraria campus, a line of students wound through the halls of the Tivoli student union building leading to the on-campus polling place.

“This is the longest line I’ve seen. It’s the lunch-hour rush,” said state Sen. Jessie Ulibarri (D-Westminster). “But what I’ve heard all throughout the day is that the process has been easy, it’s been fair and people are actually able to cast their ballots.”

At the back of the line, another Democratic lawmaker, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, thanked those waiting for making their voice heard.

“The line’s kind of taking a while, but I guess that’s a good sign since it means a bunch of people are voting,” said University of Colorado Denver student Drew Schmidt, eyeing the two dozen folks ahead of him.

“I probably shouldn’t have put it off until today, but I did, so now I’m here,” he added. “I probably wouldn’t be voting if there wasn’t a polling center here.”

[Sen. Bennet talks with student voters lined up at the polls.]