Buck doesn’t stop here

Ken Buck is heading to Washington after all.

Buck, who ran against Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) for the U.S. Senate in 2010 and announced last year he would challenge Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) for his seat this cycle, will head to D.C. as the newest member of Colorado’s congressional House delegation.

Buck has been the Weld County District Attorney since 2004. He backed out of his U.S. Senate bid last winter when U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner jumped late into the race in March. Buck decided to run for Gardner’s seat instead, and will replace him will as Colorado 4th District congressman.

In his victory speech Tuesday night, he told supporters the country has taken a wrong turn. He said his parents were among the Greatest Generation and wouldn’t believe that the National Security Agency spies on Americans or that the U.S. Department of Education forces a national Common Core curriculum “down our throats.”

“We have Americans who work hard and are getting punished, and Americans who don’t work and are getting benefits,” he said.

The biggest cheers during Tuesday’s victory party at the Denver Tech Center Hyatt may have been when Buck assured the crowd there would be no more political ads today.

His wife, Perry Buck, is a state representative from House District 49 (Greeley) who was re-elected Tuesday. She told The Colorado Independent that she will stay in-state and continue working for her constituents.

Congressman-elect Buck said that his agenda will focus largely on working to reduce the federal budget deficit.

He easily beat three other challengers Tuesday night, winning 65.6 percent of the vote.

In other congressional races, 1st CD Democratic Rep. Diana DeGette of was re-elected with 64.53 percent; Democratic Rep. Jared Polis held his 2nd CD seat with 55 percent; 3rd CD Republican Rep. Scott Tipton won his third term with 58.57 percent; 5th CD Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn snagged a fifth term with 59.84 percent; 6th CD Republican Rep. Mike Coffman beat Democratic challenger Andrew Romanoff with 53.24 percent; and 7th CD Democrat Ed Perlmutter won a fifth term with 54.43 percent.

has been a political journalist since 1998. She covered the state capitol for the Silver & Gold Record from 1998 to 2009 and for The Colorado Statesman in 2010-11 and 2013-14. Since 2010 she also has covered the General Assembly for newspapers in northeastern Colorado. She was recognized with awards from the Colorado Press Association for feature writing and informational graphics for her work with the Statesman in 2012.


  1. WHY????? This guy is KNOWN to be A LOON! and you gave this IDIOT a seat in congress? What, wasn’t there ENOUGH FREAKING GRIDLOCK FOR YOU???? You HAD to make it WORSE?????

    This state is apparently full of IDIOTS who don’t THINK before they fill in a damned ballot. Ken FREAKING BUCK????? Good God, this country is OVER with.

    What do you REALLY expect this piece of crap to do for YOU? He has NO interest in you OR your life, and certainly none for the future. He’s for denuding the state RIGHT NOW and stealing as much for himself as he can possibly amass. And you voted FOR THAT???

    God, the people of this state are either stupid or incredibly lazy. To not even fill in a ballot to defeat a LUNATIC is just pathetic. To fill one in FOR the lunatic is INSANE.

    This state is full of MORONS, apparently, because that is the ONLY crowd that COULD vote for this IDIOT.

    Way to go, Weld county, you’re an embarrassment to the rest of us AGAIN.

  2. Socialists can only vilify and call names. If gridlock means stopping Obama’s anti-American agenda, then Washington needs more of it. I’m glad Ken Freaking Buck is going to Washington. If you don’t like the quality of the citizens and/or politicians of this great state, you can always move back to California where you’ll fit right in.

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