Statetap: After election, will the real Cory Gardner please stand up?

Colorado’s new Republican Senator-elect, Cory Gardner, went on national TV for the first time since Election Day, telling ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he hopes Republicans will show they can govern with maturity and competence. Gardner struck a conciliatory tone on things like the government shutdown and the futility of trying to repeal “Obamacare” while a guy named Obama occupies the White House. He also voiced concern about potential executive action on immigration reform. Legislative action seems to be a non-starter in the lame duck session, though, and the president needs to make good on promises he delayed until after the midterm elections. Capitol Hill is already buzzing with talk of impeachment hearings if Obama takes executive action on immigration. Next stop on the Capitol Hill train? A town called “Whoo-Boy Greater Dysfunction.”

statetap Aurora County sheriff’s deputies pulled over a 31-year-old Denver man after he passed too closely by some other deputies investigating an unrelated case on I-25. Deputies approached the car and that’s when bullets started to fly, according to police spokesman Vince Line. The driver died at the scene and one deputy was injured, though apparently not from gunfire. Via the Gazette.

The Pueblo Chieftain put together a handy graphic to illustrate Democratic dominance in the city through the years.

The commercial stretch of South Broadway in Denver could be re-branded as “the Green Mile” if a fledging association of marijuana businesses get their way. Though there are at least 17 pot shops on the strip, other retailers, especially antique shops, are resistant to a moniker they feel is “exclusionary” and would hurt business. Decades before the marijuana industry came along, South Broadway was known as Denver’s Antique Row. Via the Denver Post.

Rachel Maddow introduced Colorado Springs’s own Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt to her national audience on Friday. Dr. Chaps has provided a wealth of material demonstrating his personal brand of… eccentricity over the years, but Maddow selected a video clip of him exorcising the demons of Barack Obama as her choice window into the universe of this state-level anti-hero.

As the Denver Post‘s Lynn Bartels explains, Colorado wasn’t as swept up in the Republican tidal wave as the rest of the country was this midterm election. Though early returns suggested a decisive lead for Cory Gardner, the final vote count shows he only secured a 2.1 point margin in his race against Democrat Mark Udall — narrower than the governor’s race that was too close to call on election night.

Though U.S. population has been swelling over the last 30 years, its water use has shrunk. Is conservation an impediment to economic growth? Hardly. Via High Country News.


  1. Cory Gardner is a totally unreconstructed Right-wingnut liar, who TALKS “moderation” as if he understood the word, or intended to practice it. TALK got him elected to the Senate; and TALK is what he’s all about.

    Leopards DO NOT change their spots. And, Cory Gardner will not cease to be a Right-wingnut, and liar, in his ACTIONS.

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