Rep. Lamborn surveys constituents on coming Obama immigration action

Congressman Doug Lamborn represents Colorado’s deep-red 5th district centered around Colorado Springs. He is Colorado’s member of what conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer once derided as the Republican “suicide caucus” — the group of 80 far-right members of Congress determined to oppose President Obama and Democratic lawmakers at every turn and occasionally at very high cost.

Capitol Hill Republicans in general are enraged that the president plans to issue an executive order tomorrow lifting the threat of deportation for millions of undocumented residents as a way to push forward stalled immigration reform policy. Critics say Republican anger at the long-expected news is exaggerated, that it’s of a piece with the kind of knee-jerk anti-Obama sentiment that has reduced some of the party’s members — particularly members of the suicide caucus — to caricature-like opposition figures whose ideas on how to govern the country have narrowed to mostly just attacking the president.

Lamborn is a reliable example. Today, he asked constituents how they think Congress should respond to the planned executive order. The multiple-choice answer options Lamborn provided suggest the breadth of his thinking on how to approach policy disagreement in Washington.

lamborn survey

A photo of the survey was tweeted out by Ethan Susseles earlier today under the words “Congrats, Colorado.” Susseles was campaign spokesman this year for Lamborn’s Democratic opponent, Irv Halter, a retired Air Force officer who lost after arguing that Lamborn is an ideologue and under-qualified to represent the 5th District in Congress.


  1. I think that congress should first defund or not fund his plan and he should be impeached not only for this but for “fast and furious” and Benghazi and he should be held accountable for his funding of Al Qaeda and ISIS..he is a criminal and should be tried and put in jail or hung as other traitors have been.. If he gets away with this it is on you all in Congress and you should all hang right beside him. Never since our fight for freedom from King George have we had such a traitorous man in the White House.. Congress needs to get their head out of their asses, strap their balls on and stand up to this Nazi terrorist. Trust me Sir,, If Congress does nothing,perhaps “we the people” just may.. I am sick of this man, If you have ever studied history you will see that America now is like Germany in the 1930’s..We are no longer the leader of the “free” world..we are the bullies of the world and we are loosing what little freedom we have left..I fear civil war in this land and I suppose that was the plan when Obozo stated that we needed to “Fundamentally Transform” America..Well he has and you all just sat by and let it happen.. this Immigration calamity it just the tip of the iceberg..HE HAS TO GO..HE HAS TO GO.. HE HAS TO GO..

  2. So, obviously you would pick ‘Do nothing’. Isn’t that what you want the Congress to do? To let the President proceed and do nothing to interfere. The others are all legitimate options for a Congress to deal with a President who goes far, far, far beyond the limited role the Constitution gives the Executive Branch to ‘execute’ the legislation passed by Congress. Oh, wait a minute, now that Dubya has morphed into Obama, you’re no longer outraged that a President just does whatever he wants.

  3. Only slack jawed, slag brained spawn of an over worked gene pool, that holds it’s bigotry and ignorance close to it’s soot soiled heart like a sacred tome would, carry on in the manner that the Tea bagging loons of the Rethuglican party do.

  4. Lisa is kind of crazy. She can’t even express herself coherently. I do believe the Repubs have starved education funding to the point where are students are not longer getting the skills needed to get through life.

  5. Joe… I think the point you’re missing is that Lambert failed to include an option for Congress to take a POSITIVE step and pass some appropriate legislation (surprise, surprise). And Lisa… Thanks for your voice of moderation and conciliation. Hope you find those meds… ;-)

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