Chasing Light: Cabins

After an all-day snowfall, these historic cabins in Frisco gracefully showcase the freshly fallen powder. The image was taken in soft and low evening light, then brightened with some in-camera editing.

There’s a certain grace in how old log cabins carry winter’s weight. The way the snow settles into the grooves between the logs suggests a time-tested relationship between the human structure and the environment. When you look at all the new high-end McMansions in Summit County and see the mess the architects and builders have made of dealing with roof and overhang snow, it makes you cringe to realize that the old-time cabin builders had a much better understanding of how to site their buildings. Of course we couldn’t sustain today’s economy this way, but we can all dream about a cabin in the woods.

Two images are from the Frisco Town historic park, which is photogenic and interesting in any season and especially beautiful after a big winter storm.