Today the shoot-out begins: Weekly Wednesday political debate launches at The Colorado Independent

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]F there’s such a thing as good “infotainment,” this might be it, Colorado. Starting today, Wednesdays will be “High Noon” day at The Colorado Independent. We’ve asked informed, sharp-witted people from across the political spectrum to debate Colorado Independent columnist Mike Littwin on the topics of the day. It will all unfold here in real-time for roughly an hour beginning at noon. There will be no rules or boundaries, other than those associated with very loose civility. The conversation will go where it will. Let the chips fall!

Please follow the debaters here and add your own fast-draw fire on Twitter at #HighNoonDebate. We’ll embed choice tweets into the debate thread here for participants to build on, shout down… or ignore.

The inaugural face-off will roughly center on immigration policy — whether President Obama overreached with his executive order on deportation rules, what Congress might do in response to the order, what Gov. Hickenlooper said about immigration, where U.S. Senator-elect Cory Gardner might land in this discussion, and so on.

Who are the panelists this week?


litwin hn Mike Littwin has covered Dr. J, four presidential inaugurations, six national conventions and countless brain-numbing speeches in the New Hampshire and Iowa snow. He long has been a barb in the side of politicians and a voice of common sense, authority and wit.

peck hn Jessica Peck is a libertarian Republican lawyer-mom-comedian best known as the founder and sacred leader of Jessicaterrianism, the world-watched global phenomenon changing the way people think about politics. Or something like that.

sondermann hn Eric Sondermann is a high-profile, non-aligned, independent political commentator with a reputation for truth-telling, calling it as he sees it, and being able to distinguish analysis from spin. He is a regular panelist on Channel 12’s “Colorado Inside Out” on Friday evenings and co-hosts the “Colorado Decides” political debate series co-sponsored by CPT-Channel 12 and CBS-Channel 4.  Beyond these television roles, Eric is regularly called upon for his political insight by a laundry list of local and national publications.  

fladen hn Elliot Fladen is a former Department of Justice trial attorney and a 2005 graduate of Stanford Law School. He specializes in commercial litigation, government transparency, and construction litigation. Besides testifying on major state ethics legislation before the Colorado State House, stories regarding his work have appeared in the Denver Post, the Colorado Springs Gazette, The Colorado Independent, the Colorado Observer, and the Colorado Statesman. He is also an occasional guest columnist and/or contributor to the Colorado Springs Gazette and The Colorado Independent.

Tune in today at noon.

HIgh Noon Debate puts informed Colorado political wits up against Indy columnist Mike Litwin. It takes place in realtime Wednesdays at midday, right here at Follow and add your own comments on Twitter at #highnoondebate.