Wiretap: American Conservative mag says Udall loss leaves ‘canyon-sized void’ in civil liberty oversight

When Mark Udall leaves the Senate next month, to be replaced by Cory Gardner, America will lose a great champion for civil liberties. Who says so? The American Conservative magazine says so. Kelley Vlahos writes that Udall leaves “behind a canyon-sized void that civil liberties advocates say will be difficult to surmount.”

What the Garner grand jury didn’t see, via Amy Davidson at the New Yorker.

Jelani Cobb writes in the New Yorker that racial profiling is just a slick euphemism for racism.

Krugman slams Democrats against Obamacare, starting with Charles Schumer. Via the New York Times.

Michael Tomasky writes in the New York Review of Books that Democrats still have a near-electoral lock on the presidential race in 2016. The question, he asks, is whether it will do them any good.

The last Southern Democrat: Molly Ball writes that everyone knows Mary Landrieu is a goner except Mary Landrieu. Via the Atlantic.

Shake-up at the venerable New Republic, in which top editors resign, print scales back from 20 issues to 10 and owner Chris Hughes describes the moves as a transformation to a “vertically integrated digital media company.” New Yorker editor David Remnick, meanwhile, says “If the clichés of new media are being used here to paper over the undermining of an institution of real rigor and intelligence, people should describe it for what it is, which is a terrible loss and an outrage.” Via the New York Times.

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