Statetap: Delaying the delayed Aurora shooting trial; eyes on the hard-pressed Colorado River

The Aurora movie theater shooting trial could be delayed yet again – this time because of unspecified medical emergencies in James Holmes’s defense team. While health concerns are the foremost reason it requested another delay, the defense also told the judge it’s totally swamped with mounds of evidence to review. The prosecution opposes delaying the already long-delayed trial, despite these newly raised medical issues. The judge will decide in the next few days whether to honor the defense’s request. Via the .

statetap In the midst of the worst drought in the Colorado River’s history, Gov. Hickenlooper issued an executive order in spring of 2013 for each of the eight river basins in the state to start drafting a plan for how to deal with the fast approaching reality of a river with less water but more people who want to drink from it. The Colorado River affects water use in states from California to Kansas. On Wednesday, the governor’s office released a finalized, comprehensive plan for review over the next year before it goes to the legislature. Ryan Handy at the Gazette walks us through what Southern Colorado came up with to deal with coming water shortages.

More art crime out of Durango: last time a dinosaur dome was diverted; this time a puffin painting pilfered.