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  1. Body Camera’s for the Police ?
    December 14, 2014
    The United States has 780,000 policemen.
    That would be 780,000 cameras to record the multiple daily encounters of the police with the citizens, the average body camera cost $250. When you do the math on that kind of money, it easy to see why the body cameras are attracting a lot of attention. ( that $ 250. does not include accessories such as batteries, recording chips and all the other little goodies.) Most of that attention comes from the camera corporations, the lobbyist and the congress looking for new investment for themselves and their friends.
    The first question I have is; who pays for all of those body cameras? I think we all know the answer; The taxpayers of America.
    Cameras have played a role in fighting crime for well over a decade; they were first introduced to slow shoplifters, then street crime, finally ending up in the home to record burglaries. They have been mounted in patrol cars as dash cams and in the booking areas of the police stations all across America.
    And what have we learned from watching all of the “You Tube” video? Some cops do in fact brutalize and murder the citizens.
    Who can forget the beating Rodney King suffered at the hands of five LA policemen, all captured on film; that was 1991; 23 years ago. The murders and beatings by the police have been recorded continuous and uninterrupted at an alarming increase of frequency.
    So now we want to turn the camera that use to catch shoplifters onto the cop that assaults and kills the citizens.
    We don’t need to see more videos of the cops brutal attacks……………we need to see prosecutions of these criminal cops.

    ” If the good cops truly believe in their motto ” To Protect and Serve” then the good cops need also to protect us from the bad cops”

  2. It’s a nice touch using East High School as the backdrop for this. It brought a smile to this Californicated Coloradoan’s face this morning. Go Angels! Michael Goolsby, East HS, Class of 1983 and currently residing in Livermore, California.

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