Wiretap: Frack-free New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has moved to ban fracking in New York, citing health problems. It’s a decision that will resonate across the country, and certainly in Colorado. New York’s state health director said, according to the New York Times, that it all came down to a simple question: Would he want his family to live in a community where fracking was taking place? The simple answer, he said, was: No.

Jeffrey Goldberg: Good riddance to our ridiculous Cuba policy. Via The Atlantic.

Nicholas Kristof: Is there any element of American foreign policy that has failed more abjectly than our embargo of Cuba? Via New York Times

Dana Milbank writes that Marco Rubio’s “senatorial infallibility” on Cuba shows why Obama’s dramatic Cuba move is both good policy and good politics.

Sony cancels “The Interview” because of North Korea’s not very credible threat. Remember when they were threatening to target Colorado Springs – but didn’t know where it was? Via Vox.

Andrew O’Hehir writes in Salon that “The Interview” may be a bad comedy, but the North Korean threat and the Sony cave is theater of the absurd.

Maybe Putin wasn’t playing chess and Obama marbles. Did Obama’s sanctions help tank the Russian economy? Via Politico.

What happened to Nigeria’s missing girls? At year’s end, a mass rescue is no longer possible. It probably never was. Via the New Yorker.

[Photo via CREDO.]

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