Spotify: In 2014, ‘chillout’ playlist trends high on Colorado college campuses

Spotify, the world’s cyborg DJ/jukebox, has run the numbers for Gregorian Calendar year 2014 and it has discovered that Planet Earth humans listened most to Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry, Cold Play and Alt-J. It also reports that this year, the year the Centennial State became the first in the Union to make recreational pot legal, the service’s “Chill Out Music” playlist “trended much higher than the national average on campuses across Colorado.”

The playlist has won more than 250,000 fans and features the work of airy-ambient-not-very-wordy bands like Thyra, Almein, John Hopkins, Kaledonias, Metropolis. Note: The list works to make you feel like you’re visiting a Colorado college campus even if you’re not really here, with a pal, sitting on a floor under a window open onto the Flat Irons, all tangerine hazed or lemon skunked and watching the universe spin free from a hairline crack on a wall.


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