Keeping the devil in the hole: Boehner, Jeb sign up for the pain

Congress is more polarized today than it was in the wake of the Civil War. Let that sink in for a minute. The country’s lawmakers are more divided in their attitudes, ideology, voting records today than they were in the wake of the calamity of entrenched opposition and demonization that saw 750,000 Americans kill each other on the battlefield, demolish whole stretches of the country and set southern society back so far it has yet to fully recover.

As the New York Times put it two years ago: “On the bright side, it is mathematically impossible for Congress to get much more polarized.”

That’s a dark shade of optimism, but it still counts as optimism, which is only possible for an American who doesn’t read World Net Daily. Some of us can’t look away.

In his Friday column, World Net Christian-right warrior Matt Barber brings into focus what Republicans and the country by extension has to look forward to as they come to power on Capitol Hill next year. Barber has looked into the heart of the Boehner-Romney Party and seen the red-eyed devil Compromise gesturing the country forward to ride the coattails of Democrat Obama into the great dark hole.

[blockquote]Even before the gavel has sounded on the Republican-led 114th Congress, these treacherous cowards shamelessly, eagerly, it seems, squandered perhaps the one opportunity they had to stop, in his tracks, America’s first cultural Marxist, anti-American, palpably evil president…

And so the first order of business must be to immediately oust John Boehner from his leadership role as speaker of the House. He is a compromised man.

WND’s Joseph Farah has launched a massive campaign to do just that. The “Dump Boehner Campaign” is already generating a tremendous response. It can happen. It must happen…[/blockquote]

Barber then turns to presidential election year 2016, opening with an apology for endorsing Mitt Romney in 2012.

[blockquote]I was wrong. To err is human. I now recognize, and have for some months, that my suggestion that Christians vote for Romney as the lesser of two evils was a mistake. It rewarded the establishment GOP’s torpedoing of better men and better candidates.

The lesser of two evils is still evil. I will never again make that same mistake. My days of perceived pragmatism over principle are done. We are no longer, “one nation under God.” We are a divided nation under God’s judgment. The clock is winding down, and anything short of total national repentance and widespread Christian revival spells America’s demise.

Establishment Republicans are no different from Democrats; even worse, perhaps, because, at least with Democrats, what you see is what you get. Establishment Republicans are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Like their Democrat kindred, they have sold their souls for mammon. Henceforth, I will only support a solid, unwavering, Bible-believing Christian for any elective office and will actively oppose and work to defeat any other candidate, whether Democrat or Republican.

If, for instance, some squishy, Karl Rove-approved RINO like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie or Mitt Romney once again finagles the GOP nomination in 2016, I will not only reject him, I will actively oppose him – even if it means President Hillary Clinton…. [/blockquote]

Finally, he lays out his must-do program the next real-Christian, real-Republican president must undertake immediately after Inauguration Day.

[blockquote]America is careening toward cliff’s edge (if we haven’t already gone over it). The next president, at a minimum, must do the following to reverse our seemingly inevitable downfall.

He must:

1. Immediately wipe out every single executive order Barack Obama issued during his presidency. That way, “progressives” will have a hard time grandstanding on any one executive action.

2. Sign the repeal of, or refuse to implement, Obamacare.
3. Fire all of Obama’s political appointees and purge the entire executive branch of all known leftists, replacing them with Bible-believing conservative Christians. Every single one.
4. Revise each and every administrative regulation, both internal and external, for each and every federal agency, to reflect the pro-family, pro-life, pro-national defense and pro-fiscal responsibility values detailed in the Republican Party Platform.
5. Enforce existing laws that pass constitutional muster.

This list is by no means comprehensive.[/blockquote]

Yes, not comprehensive.


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