Wiretap: Winning hearts and minds over to gun control

The battle over gun control is hardly over despite the losses in Congress and the recalls in Colorado. Adopting the model used in same-sex-marriage victories, gun-safety advocates are now going to the states and onto the ballot. Via the New York Times.

The arguments over the movie “Selma” are hardly surprising, Doyle McManus writes in the Los Angeles Times, when the arguments over the 1960s are still raging all these years later.

The conventional wisdom on global poverty is that the situation is improving. But new statistics say it’s more complicated than that. Pedro Nicolaci da Costa writes in the Wall Street Journal that the narrative is right only if you count those once below the poverty line who are now barely above it.

The Fix: It’s already 2015, which means that the GOP primary field for 2016 must be growing by the day.

Huckabee has grass-roots support, but the question is whether that’s enough to fund a legitimate candidacy. (Hint: probably not.) Via the Washington Post.

Remembering Mario Cuomo. Ken Auletta writes in the New Yorker: “In the four decades I knew him, I tried to keep him at arm’s length. Journalists are not supposed to say this, but I loved the guy.”

Andrei Cherny on Cuomo’s “Tale of Two Cities” speech at the 1984 Democratic national convention and how it haunts the Democratic Party even today. Via Yahoo.

Krugman: Now that the economy is improving, how foolish do Obama’s critics look? Via the New York Times.

For those who care – and you know who you are — Downton Abbey is back, and they’re burnin’ down the house. Via Vulture.

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  1. How utterly ironic — citing a pro-rights movement (gay marriage) in an effort to deny Americans their rights (to own and carry guns for self defense).

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