Wiretap: Clashing with civilization

John Cassidy writes in the New Yorker that, despite what you may hear or read, the massacre at Charlie Hebdo was not a clash of civilizations. He cites John Kerry, who put it this way in reacting to the murders of 12 people: “Today’s murders are part of a larger confrontation, not between civilizations, no, but between civilization itself and those who are opposed to a civilized world.”

Events are turning fast in Paris, where a massive hunt for the suspects has ranged over the eastern part of the city and suburbs — quarters with significant populations of Muslim and Jewish residents. On Friday an as-yet unofficially related shooting attack unfolded at a Jewish market near Porte de Vincennes, also on the eastern edge of the city, where a gunman wielding an automatic rifle reportedly killed two, injured others and took hostages. Shops and synagogues in the city have closed. Paris authorities unofficially identified the three shooters at the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices, who killed 12 Wednesday, sending waves of shock and outrage around the world. The identities of the attacker at the market and his girlfriend are also being leaked, as well as allegations that they have ties to the magazine staff murderers. The BBC is following the story as it develops.

David Brooks: “I am not Charlie Hebdo,” in which he opines that cultural observers de facto win seats at the adult table or the kid table. He puts himself at the adult table and the Charlie Hebdo satirists with Ann Coulter at the kids table. Via the New York Times.

Anthony Lane writes of when they start to shoot the jesters. Via the New Yorker.

Peter Beinart writes in the Atlantic that we should print the cartoons and show the movie.

A newly released video shows the Cleveland cops involved in the fatal shooting of Tamir Rice provided no medical assistance to the 12-year-old boy as he lay wounded on the ground next to the patrol car. But they did tackle and handcuff Tamir’s 14-year-old sister when she tried to reach him. It was not until four minutes after the shooting that an FBI agent who was in the neighborhood finally tended to Rice. Via the New York Times.

The GOP plan to go after Obama’s immigration rules: A showdown on Homeland Security funding. Via the National Journal.

This is for liberals who want to find a place with which they can agree with Charles Krauthammer: He wants to raise gas taxes. A lot. Via the Washington Post.

A record number of Americans tell pollsters that they are political independents. They are either kidding the pollsters or kidding themselves. Via the Washington Post.

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball says Jeb Bush’s surprise early move makes him the GOP frontrunner for 2016, but that he’s a very shaky one. Via the Center for Politics.

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