Wiretap: A latest dispatch from the Liz watchers

David Frum makes a convincing argument why Elizabeth Warren should run for president and — he insists — probably will (and it’s not simply to fulfill the wish of every Republican candidate for the job; it’s also to fulfill the wishes of millions of liberals.). Via the Atlantic.

If you think Hillary Clinton isn’t running — there must somebody out there who thinks that — this will probably change your mind. Via Vox.

Charlie Hebdo puts Muhammad on the cover. The reaction is just what you’d expect. Via the New York Times.

The editor of Germany’s version of Charlie Hebdo asks: “Are we next?” Via Politico.

How did Gov. Chris Christie get hold of Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s EZ Pass information to attack (bully!) him for trips he took (or his car took) into New York? Those toll-travel records are only legally available for examination in criminal cases. But don’t worry, America, those NSA “metadata” records that tell analysts all about your life? They’re only used to fight the War on Terror. MSNBC

Mother Jones on the crazy economics of California’s Central Valley walnut industry. It’s a water-gulping enterprise that’s booming amid an historic drought. It makes perfect sense, in the world of Wall Street-Washington market logic.

Sit down before you read this, but there’s a chance you might actually get a raise this year. Via the New York Times.

Mark your calendar: Congress is just underway, and the House already is weathering its first revolt from the right. Via the National Journal.

Congress’ first week: Just how scary is it? Via the Washington Post.

It’s GOP presidential time, meaning it’s also time for the Mittster, the Donald and low-flying Boeing 737s. Via the New Yorker.

Cass Sunstein: It’s the fourth quarter for Obama. Now it should get interesting. Via Bloomberg View.

Hick’s inaugural address … or Elway’s news conference. Take your pick.

[ Photo by Edward Kimmel.]