Wiretap: Free expression yes; full equality, meh

Amy Davidson writes that these are strange days for Europe, with the left and right fighting over who gets to be Charlie Hebdo and which one gets to define what it means to be French. Or German. Or European. Via the New Yorker.

The time when people bought a newspaper — by the millions — in defense of free speech. Via David Carr in the New York Times.

If you wondered whether there were any House GOP centrists left, it turns out that there are. They’re the ones who voted against their fellow Republicans on immigration. Via the National Journal.

The al-Qaeda branch in Yemen has formally declared responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo attack. A closer look at the brothers who killed 12 offers some insight as to the truth of the claim. Via the New York Times.

Why is the crime rate so low? There are theories – lots of them. Here are 10 not altogether crazy ones. Via the Marshall Project.

The three faces of Mitt: In 2008, he was the True Conservative; in 2012, he was the Turnaround Whiz; in 2016, could Mr. 47 Percent really turn into the Poverty Fighter? Via the Atlantic.

Obama’s approval numbers are suddenly even or even above water. What happened? Via the Princeton Election Consortium.

Ryan isn’t running for president — because he’s after something even bigger. Via Vox.

If you think the 1 percent are being picked on, take a look at this E.J. Dionne column. It may surprise you. Via the Washington Post.

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