Statetap: Greeley residents demand kinder, gentler cops

Nearly 200 people gathered before the Weld County Courthouse to ask for more compassion, accountability and transparency from law enforcement in the wake of a handful of fatal officer-involved shootings. No police officers have been charged in the incidents. The rally was organized by Police Accountability in Weld County, a recently formed local advocacy group. That the protest was held on Martin Luther King Day was no accident, an organizer told the Greeley Tribune‘s Joe Moylan, “[King] talked about peace and participating in peaceful demonstrations to effect change. We wanted to come here as a community and let the DA know that there are concerns about how things are done.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 3.39.46 PMOut of more than 100 bills introduced so far this session, Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt, R-Colorado Springs, has signed his name to a couple of the more controversial ones, including a bill to repeal of universal background checks on gun sales and another that would make it a felony to perform an abortion. The newly elected representative — also known by his televangelist moniker “Dr. Chaps” — also introduced a bill of his very own, called “the unelected, dead bureaucrats don’t make rules act.” Legal experts have had mixed reactions to the legislation, which would require the legislature get involved in the administrative rule-making process that has gone unexamined for decades: Some praise it as a win for accountability and democracy; others fear it’ll leave agencies in a lawless limbo. Either way, everyone can be relieved the notoriously incendiary representative is talking about administrative law, rather than comparing Congressman Jared Polis to ISIS terrorists because he’s gay (or whatever it was.) Via the Gazette.

The federal Department of Veteran Affairs said it’s forming an investigative board to look into alleged mistreatment and mismanagement at the VA Medical Center in Aurora. “Our obligation is to ensure VA doesn’t allow such an outcome to occur again by learning all we can from past mistakes and put in place corrective actions to improve future performance,” read a press release sent out Monday. “Veterans and taxpayers also expect a thorough review be completed and those responsible are held accountable.” The VA also asked the Army Corps of Engineers to review an ongoing construction project at the hospital after the original contractor walked away. Via the Denver Post.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 4.15.21 PMThe jury selection process for the Aurora movie theater shooting case began on Tuesday, as thousands of prospective jurors flooded the Arapahoe County Courthouse. Reading prepared remarks, Judge Carlos Samour, Jr. implored the group to refrain from discussing the case, as difficult as that might be. During the first session, defendant James Holmes sat quietly, reclined in his chair. Via the Aurora Sentinel.


  1. Some years ago, when I was researching the whole content of our separation of Church and State, I ran across a very interesting bit of Constitutional approach to the matter. It seems as if – at that time, possibly now repealed, rescinded, or struck down by the Courts – the State of Kentucky had some rather unique provisions in its State Constitution: To wit: NO “Ordained Clergyman” of ANY church, could be elected to hold State Office, from Governor on down. Also, any such “Ordained Clergyman” – especially those from anywhere out of the State of Kentucky – was obliged to post a $5,000.00 cash bond, before he would be allowed to perform any act of marriage in the State.

    Perhaps Colorado might also look at keeping the Jackass-in-the-Pulpit OUT OF POLITICS. At least while it is in the business of banging its mythology book and braying in its barn, anyway.

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