Wiretap: GOP abortion ban bill wins GOP House treatment, is bogged down, trapped in politics, headed nowhere

Why did House Republicans suddenly drop their 20-week abortion-ban bill. Was it because moderates in the party insisted? Or because the bill would be a disaster for whoever runs against Hillary Clinton? Or because they got hooked by their own bait and switch?

Dana Milbank at the Washington Post on the bait and switch that hooked House Republicans.

David Frum writes in the Atlantic that Barack Obama’s State of the Union had one target in mind — Hillary Clinton, who can’t ignore the liberal agenda that Obama laid down.

Jon Stewart on the crowd of competing GOP/Tea Party responses to the State of the Union address. “How many people are at this f&*#ing tea party?”

Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney are scheduled to meet this week. The question: Will one of them step aside in his quest for the GOP nomination? Via the New York Times.

Jeb Bush is the latest Bush who wants to be the education president. But what does his record show? Via the New Yorker.

Sen. Jim Inhofe’s climate-change hoax denial is, of course, a hoax. Via the Washington Post.

Leslie Gelb says that Obama has no choice but to finally makes a deal with Assad. Via the Daily Beast.

Why should we raise the gas tax? Gail Collins says we should ask the nearest walrus. Goo goo g’joob. Via the New York Times.

If you want to know why the Selma director was snubbed by Oscar, check out Entertainment Weekly and be surprised.

Win or lose, the Patriots have lost. Via Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe.

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