Wiretap: Same-sex marriage comes to the Sooner State (and the cosmos giggled)

A same-sex wedding comes to conservative Oklahoma. It’s not easy for the wedding couple — and it’s not easy for Oklahoma. As Kathryn Frazier, who was marrying Tracy Curtis, put it:  “I’m a gay Christian in Oklahoma — there is no greater cosmic joke than for me to be a gay Christian.” Via the Washington Post.

Culture wars, old and new, and the battles still rage. Via E.J. Dionne at the Washington Post.

Nicholas Kristof and the death of an old friend: Where, he asks, is the empathy? Via the New York Times.

The abortion bill was a disaster for the House GOP leadership. Next up: immigration. Via the National Journal.

Via Tom Engelhardt: Customs and Border Protection, a division of our gargantuan Department of Homeland Security, runs a fleet of 9 drones  and is looking to expand the fleet to 24 drones at a cost of $443 million. Doesn’t matter that the fleet is already an enormous waste of money. Drones cost $12,255 per flight hour yet, as the Washington Post reports: “Less than one-tenth of 1 percent of border-crossing apprehensions were attributed to drone detection.”  The inspector general says the government should shelve the expansion plan. Homeland Security is hearing none of that. Our absurd high-tech spendthrift border preoccupations will only get worse, as Todd Miller and Gabriel Schivone write for TomDispatch in a piece titled “Gaza in Arizona.”

Scott Walker is the star of the first major Iowa 2016 GOP confab, at least according to the Hill.

Also in Iowa, Sarah Palin says she’s “seriously interested” in running for president. No, she isn’t, writes Chris Cillizza. Of course, we know which one to believe. Via the Washington Post.

It’s 2016, not 2008, and an old question must be asked anew: Does Iowa still heart Huckabee? Via Politico.

Rand Paul says more than half the people on disability are either “anxious” or “their back hurts.” Not even close, says the Washington Post Fact Checker, which gives Paul three Pinocchios out of four.

The measles virus is threatening to make a comeback, thanks to the anti-vaxxers. Colorado is one of the leader danger states. Via the Atlantic.

Shock: Even Fox News is critical of the plan by Netanyahu and Boehner to undermine Obama. No, really. Via Fox.