Wiretap: Obamacare saving more money; deficits bound to grow

Deficits have been shrinking for years. But according to the Congressional Budget Office, that’s about to change. The deficit will plateau, and then as Boomers retire and interest rates grow, the deficit will rise. But it won’t change for a few years yet, and by then, it will be the next president’s problem — or the president after that. Meanwhile, Obamacare costs are much less than predicted. Via Vox.

You wanna talk deficits? Bernie Sanders to Republican obsessives via The Hill: The Vermont Senator introduced a seven-step plan to shrink deficits through more government spending — deficits, that is, “in jobs, income equality, infrastructure, trade, retirement security and education.”

You wanna talk family values? Shocked by what she was reading online from her colleagues after the state’s gay marriage ban was struck down, openly gay Alabama state Rep. Patricia Todd put her colleagues on notice, via the Huffington Post: “If they keep espousing family values rhetoric as a reason to oppose marriage equality, she’ll start making their marital infidelities public.”

The Koch brothers go where no one has gone before: Very close to $900 million, which their network plans to budget for the 2016 campaign. Via the New York Times.

Sigh. Sitting governor and ambitious politician launches tax-funded news site, while maybe sitting across from a framed portrait of a Thomas Jefferson.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 9.52.50 AM

What can Obama do if the Supreme Court takes Obamacare apart? The National Journal says, not much.

How did Scott Walker win over Iowa. John Dickerson writes in Slate that Walker sold the idea that he could speak to the base while still running successfully for a general-election audience.

It’s a family affair: While Rand Paul runs for president of the United States, Ron Paul talks recession. Via the Texas Tribune.

Auschwitz 70 years after liberation. Via the Atlantic.

Melinda Gates has the perfect response to the anti-vaxxers. Via Vox.

“Selma” vs. “Selma” — the original script vs. the movie, and how the movie reflects the old Hollywood story turned upside down. Via the New Yorker.

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