Wiretap: Netanyahu picking a side?

Jeffrey Goldberg says that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to address Congress on Iran sanctions is a disaster. Goldberg writes in the Atlantic that Netanyahu has two jobs — to keep Iran from going nuclear and to keep Israel a bipartisan American project — and that he’s failing at both by ruining his relations with Barack Obama.

In India, Modi and Obama hug, and everything changes, at least a little. Via the New York Times.

Obamacare continues not to fail. With a month to go to sign up, Obamacare nears its enrollment goal. Via the National Journal.

On savings plan, it’s College 529, Obama 0. Via Vox.

Dana Milbank: For Republicans taking their turn running Congress, it’s pratfall followed by pratfall followed by, yes, pratfall. Via the Washington Post.

Why the media doesn’t want to remember Gary Hart. Via the New Yorker.

Kathleen Parker writes in the Washington Post that Sarah Palin was fragged by the Republican Party. This is to forego a conclusion.

It’s another Internet fight. Jonathan Chait writes in New York magazine that the PC police are perverting liberalism. Let’s just say that not all liberals agree. Alex Pareene writes in Gawker that “punch-drunk” Chait takes on the whole Internet.

Juliet Macur wonders in the New York Times why the NFL insists on maintaining the Super Bowl Media Day charade. Does she really have to ask?

[Capitol Hill photo by Nicolas Raymond.]

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  1. I’ve never quite understood why people like Netanyahu, Bishop Bergoglio – aka “Francis I” – et.al. thought it necessary to go about butting their noses into the affairs of others all the time. Don’t they have enough to do at their own jobs, at home?

    Oh! Right! Minding everyone else’s business is part of the “Bishop of Rome’s job” – at least as the Roman Religion views it anyway. And interfering in the politics of other Nations is always something that is essential to the continuing existence of the terrorist gangsters occupying the former land of Palestine – on their claim to “Title Deed in Perpetuity”, issued – according to their mythology book – by their nasty little tribal idol thousands of years ago.

    So, let’s just sweep the whole business of pedophilia under the nearest rug; ship some more white phosphorus shells over to Tel Aviv – to be used against Palestinian women and children in the Gaza Strip – and get on with our unceasing need for doing NOTHING AT ALL about problems at home, while always minding everyone else’s business but our own.

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