Chasing Light: Winter wonders

If you're a smart phone photographer, don't forget to try out the pano function every now and then to capture a little bit bigger sweep of Colorado's dramatic mountainscapes.


FRISCO —Ullr may have taken a little break during January — at least in terms of big snowstorms — but in the high country, it’s still full-on winter, landscapes dominated by crisp ice and snow and sometimes punctuated by the surreal glow of dramatic sunrise or sunset. I’ve been pushing the new iPhone 6 camera a little bit, testing the limits of low light exposures and working with the panorama and time lapse features. The pano image in this set is one of the best so far, sharp from edge to edge and fully saturated, even in the evening half-light. All the images in this set are iPhone captures, showing that you don’t always need a full-size DSLR to bring it home.