It begins: Pollster finds Hillary out front in Colorado, but not by much

Deep breath. Here it is, a first Colorado poll story on the 2016 presidential race.

Quinnipiac has polled the Centennial State (along with Iowa and Virginia) on the 2016 presidential race. Hillary Clinton leads all of the Republican candidates included in the poll, but is within the margin of error against Scott Walker and Rand Paul (both 43-41). She leads Colorado-hater Chris Christie 43-34, Jeb Bush 44-36, and Mike Huckabee 44-39.

Mark that down right now in your 2016 presidential-polling notebook.

But wait, has anyone even officially declared their candidacy yet? Yes, but the list includes none of the people the pollsters or the people they polled care about.

For what it’s worth, Wikipedia lists these candidates as having officially filed with the FCC to run. If you’re a politics junky (you know you are), you will recognize some of their names:

Jeff Boss, conspiracy theorist.
Vermin Supreme, performance artist.
Robby Wells, football coach.

Jack Fellure, engineer.

Terry Jones, Florida pastor and would-be Koran burner.

[Top image by James Vaughn.]